Council and Regional Comparisons

There have been successive posts in recent months from Cairns Regional Council on Rates Benchmarking and Queensland infrastructure capex budget. These are both worth a look and while analysis is mostly reasonable some questions remain.

Cap ex Outback

Who could have guessed?

This is state infrastructure capex by SA4. Council analysis has amalgamated Toowoomba and Darling Downs-Maranoa. Qld Outback (which includes Cape York) at 118,318,272 ha is excluded as it is way off the chart to the top right.

To bring Outback into the frame with some kind of context I have cheated and applied a log scale to the x-axis with a linear trend. This probably isn’t really a clever thing to do.

Cap plus Outback

Older Posts last year from here and there: What’s a fair share?, Huge regional disparities in Qld Government capital spending per capita, Is North Qld under-funded by the State Government relative to the South East?

More recently related to the current budget: Inner Brisbane Cross River Rail CAPEX comparable to statewide education CAPEX


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  1. Thanks Gene. Interesting that the CRC analysis makes an early reference to the density advantages of SEQ and then nothing further. I was surprised when I looked at this that Cairns SA4 is so relatively small. Also that Greater Brisbane is as big as it geographically extending from the border behind the Gold Coast to up beyond the Sunshine Coast hinterland. It’s a big state.


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