Personal income down to SA2

Amidst the flurry of relevant regional data in the last week the easiest to miss was this from ABS: Estimates of Personal Income for Small Areas, 2011-2016

It draws off Australian Tax Office data down to the SA2 level. Shane Wright has looked into this data in context of WA: Post-mining boom stats show the wage squeeze is hurting more in WA than anywhere else

Just flagging this for now to come back to but two points which stick out:

  1. The divergence between Cairns and Townsville with income earners in Townsville down @ 2-3% in the year to FY2016.
  2. Cairns City SA2 is different and it is unlikely this is well represented in either the ABS labour force survey or the census.
ATO income data

Note: This is the number of income earners recorded through the course of the financial year. It doesn’t reflect changes in earnings or employment at any specific time.


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