May is a boring month …. or maybe not.

Cairns Airport have posted numbers for May this morning. May is typically a quiet uneventful period anyway. This year it is the first month not under the influence of some unmonthly lunar event. If only the Chinese had adopted a civilised western calendar like we did with Easter.

Results: Domestic +2.2%; International -0.9%; Total +1.8% (ex transits & transfers).

How does that look in growth terms which is what matters:

Airport May

A three (3) month moving average returns to negative for the first time since 2011. It would be unfair to draw too much attention to this given volatility of previous months and whether it is plus or minus 0.2% is neither here nor there.

Commentary from the Airport was more limited than for some time. It must have been a boring month.

Coincidentally Sydney Airport also posted May stats to ASX today with domestic +1.1%; International +5.6%; Total +2.6%.



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