Gaming data conundrums

I have no idea what I’m trying to do with the monthly Queensland EGM (pokie) data. Maybe it’s just that it continues to throw up interesting stats.

Gaming May 2018 1Gaming May 2018 2

Interesting convergence there. Also interesting is this:

Gaming May 2018 3

Yes. In less than four (4) years the number of pokies in Queensland which are approved but not operational has grown from 3.9% of approved to 7.1% of approved numbers. The Queensland Government has a policy of capping approved pokie numbers.

Meanwhile the win/machine has escalated in hotels relative to clubs to compensate:

Gaming May 2018 4

Oops. Series 1 is pubs. Series 2 is clubs.

Anyway. This can be controversial as a social issue and was significant in the recent Tasmanian election. There was a paper last year from Prof John Mangan from UQ on this: Removing poker machines from hotels and clubs in Tasmania: Economic considerations

The particular circumstances of Tasmania can’t necessarily be translated to Queensland.


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