Go North Old Man*

A significant population trend in Cairns based on most recent data is that the North significantly outperforms the South. This is SA3 data where Cairns – South is the city and designated southern growth corridor. It must be so hard when people don’t go where you want them to.

Pop Growth
Cairns Urban = Cairns – North + Cairns – South

To update some perspective Cairns-North is a much smaller SA3 than Cairns-South. Since 2001 the Cairns-North population has grown from 44% of Cairns-South to 52% in 2017. Population growth should be expected to be higher in the northern and southern areas with available land and the inner city with higher density development. Key housing growth areas are Trinity Beach-Smithfield/Redlynch in the North and Gordonvale/Edmonton in the South. The inner city is something to look at further.

This is growth over the same time in nominal numbers:

cairns population 2

*Cairns – North median age is 3 years older than Cairns – South on 2016 Census data.






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