Dam Divergence

A look at dam levels following recent rainfall events updated to February 28 at the BOM.

FEbruary climate 2FEbruary climate 3

Seasonal inflows at Tinaroo have pushed it back up towards 50% while the Burdekin was at 105% on February 28. Data at Sunwater has the Burdekin surging up over 130% in the four days since.

The Burdekin has generally maintained higher levels over recent years while Tinaroo has declined.  Burdekin capacity is over four times larger than Tinaroo but there is a huge difference in catchment. Barron River wet tropics catchment for Tinaroo is quite limited at 545 km². The Burdekin catchment is listed as 114,220 km² at Wikipedia albeit in a much drier climate. Rainfall down at Cairns has been only just very slightly below average over the past year to February. Tinaroo catchment seems to have missed out in recent years.

The Nullinga Dam proposal on the southern tableland has also been in the news recently with the business case to be progressed.


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