Month: September 2017

Katter eats Kairns

No surprises with AEC electoral redistribution for Queensland where Katter’s Kennedy continues to eat into the Cairns southern suburbs. The Redistribution Committee proposes altering the current boundary of the electoral division in the southern suburbs of Cairns by following Skeleton Creek from the southern boundary of the locality of White Rock through to the corner…

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State of Insolvency

Not sure I really have a good handle on this data from the Australian Financial Security Authority. I have used FY data from table JQ17 Provisional PI time series. Historically several correlations can be drawn from the trends but not sure why Queensland generally appears disproportionately high?

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Nova goes for sales incentives

An email from the Nova development on Spence St popped into my inbox today: Nova City Newsletter Issue 02 – September 2017 NOVA LIGHT – SPECIAL INCENTIVES GET FREE FURNITURE PACKAGE WORTH UP TO $33,000! when you purchase 1 – 2 bedroom units and opt for 2 YEARS RENTAL GUARANTEE @ 5% P.A. (For┬álimited period…

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