Queensland jumps the waste mountain

Ahead of  4 Corners tonight on Queensland waste perhaps I should repost links some more than 5 years ago now:

July 2012: Queensland wasted: doing the sums for Trouty

December 2012: Queensland: The Dump State?

March 2016: Queensland: still the dump state

What I don’t get is how the political right has become unhinged from its roots. This was evident even following the GFC when previous icon Milton Friedman (and Ben Bernanke) was effectively cut loose by US conservatives on monetary policy. Friedman’s Nobel was awarded for his work on the Great Depression.

More relevant to the waste issue among the greatest advocates for such Pigovian taxes has been Greg Mankiw. Harvard author of the most widely used university introductory economics text and previously adviser to Republicans President Dubbya and Mitt Romney.

It was once at least possible to intellectually identify with the political right. Now it’s pretty much as someone once said:

Stupid is as stupid does

Note: Links to economic study of the initial Queensland waste levy policy no longer work.


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