No pink in excel graphs

ABS regional labour force data continues to be positive for Cairns: Regional jobs data shows Cairns powering ahead

We know how dangerously volatile the regional data can be. Despite issues with the sample I have always liked to look at the male v female comparison:


This is a 12 month average. Female volatility over time is interesting but the standout is the recent improvement in the male rate and a significant break from previous trends. This is probably the most significant aspect in the data and perhaps not surprising given the obvious construction work underway in Cairns.

How does this look in employment:


The trend increase over this time has been more weighted to female employment.

Participation rates:


I always recall the rants of lapsed academic blogger Ricardian Ambivalence that the design of the ABS survey is the unemployment rate. Other data is secondary and reliant on assumed inputs.


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