Back to school for Airport

Cairns Airport posted negative domestic monthly growth (-0.4%) in June. Continuing international growth (10.4%) dragged the total back into positive territory with 0.9% growth over June 2016. This has been attributed to school holidays:

June passenger numbers were slightly lower due to the 2017 school holidays starting one week later than 2016 in Queensland and New South Wales.

Problem is that isn’t correct. NSW and Qld both started in the equivalent week which means they were actually a day earlier in the month than last year. Victoria started a week later than last year to align the term with NSW ending 30 June. Qld term ended 23 June. Anyways:


Update: Sydney Airport has now posted June results with a strong growth driven by international:

“International traffic growth of 9.7% versus the prior corresponding period (pcp) is a fantastic result, and represents our strongest monthly result this year. Domestic traffic also grew strongly at 3.6% above the pcp, contributing to overall traffic growth of 5.8% for the month. International and domestic traffic continues to be driven by higher load factors and larger aircraft.”


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