Month: May 2017

ACCC Petrol Report

Report on the Cairns petrol market: The value chain shows in broad terms the elements of the price of a litre of petrol from the imported refined petrol price through to the pump. Analysis of the value chain in Cairns and Brisbane in 2015–16, for those companies that operate in both markets, indicates that there…

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Curious Contradictions

Who knows? Cairns Airport Commentary: The Asian Lunar New Year was celebrated on January 28th, but last year it fell on February 8th. In Korea, the Lunar New Year is celebrated as Seollal. The demand for Seollal travel helped successfully fill Jin Air’s charter flights. Reef Casino Commentary: A complete absence of charter and direct…

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Reef Casino: Updated

I had wondered when the Reef Casino (RCT) AGM was called for a Friday afternoon. Wonder no more: *RCT preliminary forecast based on initial 4 months trading What was effectively a profit warning was delivered to ASX an hour or so before the meeting: Our current estimate of the distributable profit* for the first half year from 1…

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Rental Affordability

There has been media coverage following recent release of the Rental Affordability Index from SGS Economics. Most commentary has related to the capitals. The Cairns region displays in the acceptable to affordable range with numbers apparently not far out of line with Townsville and Mackay despite the rental gap which has opened up. However it isn’t quite so…

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Queensland Unclothed

Well, we don’t need (many) clothes in Queensland anyway. Although that would beg the question of why sales were relatively high back in 2007? It is presumed this category includes white shoes. Sensible discussion of online sales and retail regulation will be resisted.

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A quick peek at rental bonds data

The Residential Tenancy Authority rental data includes historical numbers on rental bonds. Have always wanted to look into this more deeply but a very quick look on a 5 year perspective of total rental bonds lodged for the northern tropical cities: 2012 2017 Growth Cairns Regional Council 22668 23871 5.3% Townsville City Council 20409 24165…

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Airport halts descent in April

Cairns Airport passenger numbers halted the recent descent in April and recovered some altitude assisted by a seasonal Easter tailwind. Attempting to derive a trend without an adequate lunar monthly seasonal adjustment in the earlier months of the year is probably pointless with some recent commentary around this appearing confused. BITRE airport traffic data updated to…

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sugar marketing wars #n-squared

There is a resolution apparently: All sweet: Bitter dispute between sugar miller and marketer finally ends An 18-month stand-off over the way sugar will be sold into the export market may have finally ended, but growers and millers agree there are no winners after the bitter dispute. I will bite my tongue on my own…

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Budget Sleepers

The budget seems to have gone down in a rather subdued way this year. Even the annual Bruce Hwy funding bitch-fest has been somewhat muted. Having just this week travelled the entire Qld stretch of east coast highway any complaints from FNQ would appear lacking in credibility. My proprietary Roadworks Delay Index* was heavily weighted Far…

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