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At the Cairns Post via Courier-Mail: Queensland has top two postcodes for dole recipients in Australia

CAIRNS and Bundaberg have more people on the dole than any other area in Australia, but one federal MP says some people snub work that is available.

The Queensland economic divide is made clear in new figures that show regional cities take out the top five areas for the sheer number of people on the dole.

A breakdown by postcode shows Bundaberg has 4465 people taking unemployment benefits, more than any other postcode in the country.

Second was Cairns, which had more than 4353 dole recipients, ­followed by Liverpool, near Sydney.

Parts of Toowoomba, Hervey Bay and Mackay rounded out the five highest areas in Queensland by postcode for the number of Newstart recipients.


Guess which postcodes have among the highest populations in Queensland and Australia? Give up?

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