Month: August 2016

Earthquake risk in Cairns

The excitement around the Bowen earthquake last week reminded me of this now dated 1999 report I stumbled upon some time ago, with a foreword from a more youthful Warren Entsch. The building construction and location data would be well out of date by now I presume: COMMUNITY RISK IN CAIRNS A MULTI-HAZARD RISK ASSESSMENT…

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Cummings Presentation

Bill Cummings presentation to the July Cairns Chamber lunch is available at Cummings Economics. However it carries an incorrect 2015 headline which is why I missed it yesterday. July, 2015 Achieving “Lift Off” Trends & Prospects for the Cairns / Tropical North QLD Economy It is available there in two parts: Presentation (2mb) Text (149kb)

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Cairns Property Market

Cairns Chamber hosted their annual economy lunch last week with presentations from Rick Carr and Bill Cummings. Rick’s presentation is here with some interesting information and graphs: Cairns Property Market Not sure if Bill Cumming’s presentation has been posted anywhere yet but will┬álink it if available.  

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