Airport data updated to May

Now hopefully recovering from some debilitating technical frustrations so can update two months of data up to May for Cairns Airport.

May is a seasonally quieter month but domestic growth remains robust at 6% with previous indications from the airport also of capacity growth around that in coming months. International growth pulled back into single digits at 9.5% but that is probably to be expected as previous exceptional growth was off a very low base which is now working through the numbers.

The airport commentary this month has also provided an estimate using passenger surveys, the international visitor survey, and immigration data of all airport passenger numbers, both domestic and international services, by nationality.

Home Country Passengers: Australia 3,340,000 China 430,000 Europe 420,000 North America 270,000 Japan 210,000 Korea/Taiwan/Hong Kong 95,000 New Zealand 80,000 India 50,000 Papua New Guinea 35,000 South East Asia with Singapore 30,000 Rest of World 40,000 Total 5,000,000

I think I would prefer to see Korea grouped with Japan in that as a more closely related market with similar trends.

Comparative airport data from BITRE has also been updated to March. Standout for the month is high growth at  the tourism destinations (Cairns, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast) with seasonal factors contributing around Easter. Also good international growth numbers at Sydney and Melbourne the two largest gateways.

Graphs and details updated at Cairns Airport.


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