Has the Queensland share of visitor time bottomed?

The BITRE have updated their national airports data for February. So I have updated the table of comparative airport data at Cairns Airport.

As previously noted we need to be cautious on the February data because of the extra leap year day. This wont much matter for annual numbers but will add approximately 3.5% (percentage points) to growth numbers for the month. So that will be about half the 7% growth reported for all Australian airports.

Despite that there are some very impressive double digit growth numbers out of Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast for the month. Cairns domestic not so much and while that’s not unusual around the Jan/Feb Chinese New Year shifts it’s also a reason to be cautious around some of the recent trend estimates. The BITRE numbers are accumulated separately and on a different basis to the Airport so won’t correlate precisely.

A quick look at the ABS Arrivals and Departures data subject of my last post and particularly an old favourite of state where most time spent by departing international visitors. This is where Queensland has been losing share for some time and now been overtaken by Victoria. There could be some indication that the downward slide has at least been stemmed and something to watch for any turnaround.


Trend shown is a 12 month moving average.


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