Cairns Hospital scores for efficiency

The MyHospitals website has today posted a new report and data on Hospital Performance: Costs of acute admitted patients in public hospitals from 2011–12 to 2013–14

The report covers hospitals in the ‘major metropolitan’ and ‘major regional’ categories. Among the ‘major regionals’ Cairns scored better than average with the lowest cost per NWAU (national weighted activity unit) of the Queensland regionals reported for the most recent period (FY 2013-2014).


I don’t pretend any knowledge of hospital economics so wont delve into the detail of the methodology but it’s probably important to note this caveat:

“The Performance Authority makes no determination that a hospital with a higher or lower cost or increased or decreased efficiency delivers better or worse care or patient outcomes,”

Also on the health front ABS yesterday released data on sugar consumption related to demographics with some adverse implications for both Queensland and the regions, unless you are a grower I guess: Consumption of added sugars exceeds recommendations.


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