Insane Christmas Pokie Spree

OLGR have this week posted Pokie statistics for December. Last month’s comment that numbers were reverting back towards reality has been blown away as Santa Claus delivered for the pubs and clubs.  While Queensland was up 21.6% on the previous December, the Cairns SA4 was up a mind-boggling 64.6% with a metered win (loss) of…

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Cairns Airport December

Domestic passengers at Cairns Airport lifted in December although remains 43.2% below the previous year. International numbers remain tiny with just 460 for the month down 99.2% on the previous year. Brisbane lockdown will likely impact the January domestic traffic.

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JobSeeker Analyses #2

To return to previous themes on misunderstandings (a polite term for bigotry) about JobSeeker perhaps we should look at people on NewStart/JobSeeker who are actually earning an employment income: This melds the previous quarterly data of total NewStart recipients with the subsequent monthly data for total JobSeekers. The black bar is March when DSS were…

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November JobSeekers

November JobSeeker numbers could be seen as disappointing with Cairns SA4 underperforming the broader decline: JobSeekers drop almost another 3% in November Cairns SA4 declined by 420 people for JobSeeker + Youth Allowance (other) which is the lowest monthly decline since the May peak. The larger declines we saw in October, which also followed the…

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More Population Stuff

The previous post neglected to update on total population growth rates from this most recent quarterly data: Previous exceptional growth in Victoria was driven by a combination of both interstate and overseas migration but had been waning from peak Melbourne for some time. The ABS Labour Force Survey employment numbers also released today provide their…

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Population June 2020

Data commentary today is all over the latest ABS Labour Force employment numbers. So let’s instead have a quick browse of the latest ABS quarterly population also released. The media release here was that Australian population recorded a 1.27% increase in the year to June 2020. Down from 1.53% in the year to June 2019.…

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Teasing Personal Incomes Data

One of my favourite series from ABS has been released. Personal Incomes are derived by ABS from ATO data. So the latest data is only to 2018. This is percentage growth in people reporting employee income to ATO for the year from 2012FY to 2018FY: Source: Personal Income in Australia 2011-12 to 2017-18 Reasons I…

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SQM Vacancies & Listings

SQM free data update for November doesn’t much change any of the prevailing local narrative. Weekly listings data, as distinct from vacancies, has mostly ticked up which would probably be expected with border reopening and also a time of year when relocations are common. While apartment vacancy rates in the inner capital cities have escalated…

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November Pokies

November EGM pokies numbers continue to slide back towards reality: This is monthly growth on the previous year since venues reopened. Cairns and Townsville LGA council areas have reverted back towards the Queensland average but there are still some surprising numbers in the region outside the city. Cairns Region in the graph represents Cairns SA4…

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