Airport approaches ground zero

There were 11,144 passengers (inbound + outbound) through Cairns Airport in April. This is down 97.2% on the 403,342 passengers the previous April. This was in line with Sydney Airport which reported a drop of 97.5% for the period. So the positive aspect is it can’t go lower than zero. Source: Cairns Airport

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Why Australia Prospered

Reports today of the death of economic historian Ian McLean. There is a hard copy edition of McLean’s book ‘Why Australia Prospered’ in the City branch of Cairns Library, in excellent condition. Insightful, relevant and highly recommended. There is a good review from Andrew Leigh (MP) which also touches on a counterfactual from McLean on…

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The wizards of .id

Cairns Regional Council has commissioned a report from .id Consultancy Pty Ltd It’s an interesting and probably useful report for lobbying Brisbane and Canberra but what caught my attention was this table: Yes, nobody would have suspected that Cairns would top the list of larger cities *insert sarcasm font here* with tourism the most affected…

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Jobs data: but what does it mean?

DSS have released data for Jobseeker and Youth Allowance recipients following the transfer from Newstart to Jobseeker in March. This provides data for March and April presented as a percentage increase by State: There are too many complexities with JobKeeper, JobSeeker, etc currently to really make sense of employment data. However, It could come as…

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HTW Month in Review

Cairns residential real estate commentary went missing last month but has returned in the latest national Covid edition from valuer Herron Todd White: Market evidence is mainly anecdotal at this stage, however in summary: ◗ Many sale contracts which were conditional during March fell over as purchasers pulled out due to overwhelming uncertainty; ◗ Most…

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SQM rental vacancy rates kaboom!

SQM Research have updated their free rental vacancy data for April. As much data turns to mush I still think rentals may be one of the better indicators reflective of factors such as the labour market, tourism and population movements. As well as underlying building supply fundamentals but we also know growth in new stock…

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Whither the Global Tourism Hub

I have always found the annual Dransfield Hotel Futures report interesting which features a section on Cairns and Port Douglas. However, this year in response to events they have gone for a staggered approach with an initial release for Sydney and Melbourne. There is though general introductory comment on demand, supply and rates with background data…

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